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Protecting privacy and bringing more convenience to day-to-day life.

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Protecting privacyand bringing more convenienceto day-to-day life.

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Data handling

Keeping data safe
and telling you
how it’s used.

Our customers’ data is our customers themselves. Security is our response to the trust placed in us by our customers who entrust LY Corporation with such important data.

We define our customers’ data as personal data and handle this data with the utmost care under the most comprehensive security measures. All the purposes for which the data is used are made public and the data will be used appropriately, with due consideration given to privacy.

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Data protection

Keeping data secure.
Day and night.

Sending messages to family and friends. Looking up a new artist you like, ordering from well-reviewed restaurants in the neighborhood. Whatever it is, even after you close the window, we’re here making sure your data stays secure 24/7.

We’ll continue to look for ways to constantly improve so we can make sure you can continue to use our services with no reservations. We will also continue to commit ourselves fully to protecting customer data and privacy.

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Data usage purposes.

Here are the four reasons we use data. The data we use is vital customer data. Our first priority is to use data in ways that benefit our customers.


To provide and maintain our services

We will use information required for providing our services, answering your inquiries, hosting promotional events, and sending announcements regarding our services and those of our partners.



To develop and improve our services

We will use personal data for the development and improvement of our services for providing better services, products and contents to customers toward the future.



For security and to prevent and respond to unauthorized use

We will use personal data and take security measures and measures against unauthorized use to maintain an environment where our services can be used at all times, and customers can use our services with a sense of security on a daily basis.



To optimize our services to customers

We will utilize personal data for providing recommended contents, including ads, to each customer.