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Please find the explanations on our Privacy Center in this webpage.

Privacy Center

We at LY Corporation are committed to provide more convenient and fuller lifestyles to our customers, as well as to solve various social issues through the Internet.

In order for us to continue to be accepted by our customers and society as a member of this society and fulfill these roles, we believe we must understand the thoughts and requests of our customers, as well as what is happening in society and issues faced by the society.

To understand and solve such issues, we use various information including those related to customers' privacy (hereinafter, "Customer Data").

Therefore, we believe that it is necessary for customers and the society to be aware of how we handle Customer Data. Based on this view, we have summarized LY Corporation's basic concepts and policies for handling information in the "Privacy Center".

Privacy Policy

LY Corporation places utmost importance on the protection of our customers' privacy.

Data generated from our customers' use of LY Corporation's services belong to the customers. We believe that it is LY Corporation's mission to protect the privacy of our customers and to take information security measures to that end.

This Privacy Policy is our promise to our customers regarding how we collect and use the customers' data, and how we protect it.

Privacy Policy

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