Use of Personal Data

Here, please find the details on how we use the data of our customers.

When using personal data

LY Corporation uses the acquired personal data to provide the Services*1, to study improvements and new Services, and to investigate and analyze the usage of the Services. In addition, when a customer's personal information is provided to a third party, in principle, LY Corporation does so with the consent of the customer.

For more information on the use of personal data, please refer to "Examples of use" below.


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There may be cases in which LY Corporation provides personal data to a third party according to the provisions of the Privacy Policy. However, when we actually disclose the personal data, we do so after we remove personally identifiable information, such as names and addresses, as well as special care-required personal information, and information such as messages, communicating parties, and send/receipt times as to the communication app LINE, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations or when we separately obtain the consent of the customer.

Even in such cases, LY Corporation provides personal data to a third party within the necessary limits after carefully assessing the impact on the customer's privacy and comprehensively considering matters such as: a) the necessity and method of disclosure to the third party (e.g. whether to provide the data by granting limited access rights only to this third party on LY Corporation's system instead of granting physical access to the data, or physically providing the information itself, etc.); b) the safety management measures put in place by this third party; and c) the relationship between LY Corporation and this third party (e.g. the relationship between the service provided by LY Corporation and the service provided by this third party, the existence of capital ties, etc.).

Furthermore, LY Corporation takes the utmost care to prevent personal data from being used to the disadvantage of customers, such as fraud and infringement of privacy, by establishing internal regulations.

*1 “Services” means all services including products, apps, services, and websites, provided by LY Corporation. Furthermore, the Services include services, products, advertisements, and contents for partners*2 and for customers other than the customer themselves.
*2 “Partner” means a group company (which means a subsidiary or affiliate of LY Corporation, and the definition includes subsidiaries and affiliates located outside of Japan, in accordance with the “Regulation on Terminology, Forms, and Preparation Methods of Financial Statements” of Japan) and information provider, advertiser, ad distributor, and other partner.

Example of use 1: Providing and maintaining the Services


LY Corporation uses customers' registered information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and passwords to authenticate whether the login was made by the same customer.


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When resetting the login method, in addition to the registered information, etc. described above, we also use the customer's history of use of the Services at the time of login.

*"History of use of the Services at the time of login" includes search keywords, webpages viewed, apps used, products purchased, and location information, etc.

Identity verification

LY Corporation uses information such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, bank account number, credit card number, driver's license number, record of delivery-certified mail, etc. when a customer uses some of the Services that require identity verification and when LY Corporation verifies the identity of a customer in response to an inquiry from the customer.



When billing our customers who used our paid services, LY Corporation uses the names and quantities of products purchased; types, period, and frequency of services used; amount spent; and names, addresses, bank account number and credit card number of our customers (including registered information).


Response to inquiries

When responding to an inquiry from a customer, LY Corporation uses the customer's registered information as well as information on the customer's use history.
Furthermore, LY Corporation may provide customers' information or information on their use of the Services to a Partner if there is an inquiry regarding services provided by the Partner.


Notifications and delivery

LY Corporation uses the contact information of customers such as names, addresses and e-mail addresses when sending notifications (including notifications on the Services and services provided by the Partners) and products, etc.


Autofill, etc.

The registered information of a customer is used: to automatically display customer information on the entry screen so that entry and sending of customer information necessary when purchasing products, etc. will be facilitated; to create information for sending; to transfer and register information to the provider of services that the customer intends to use.


Building connections among customers

In the communication app LINE, for example, if a friend that knows the customer’s phone number has enabled the settings so they can search for the customer’s LINE account, based on the phone number the customer sent when creating the LINE account, LY Corporation will use the customer’s registered information (the customer may also change the settings themself).


Example of use 2: Developing and improving the Services

Improvement of the Services and study of new Services

LY Corporation analyzes customers' needs for the Services and uses information such as customers' area of domicile, gender, month and year of birth, and use history of the Services (search key words, browsed webpages, apps used, items purchased, etc.) to improve the existing Services and study new Services.


Yahoo! JAPAN’s search services and search-linked ad transmission system and the handling of search-linked data

LY Corporation uses the search engine and search-linked ad transmission system of Google LLC (location: California, USA) for Yahoo! JAPAN’s search service.

With Yahoo! JAPAN’s search service, there are instances where the customers’ personal data may be provided or access to the customers’ personal data granted within the scope of LY Corporation's Privacy Policy to the Partners (including companies overseas; the same applies here in after. For details, please refer to “Countries to which data is provided”), for the purpose of providing better services to customers.

As part of LY Corporation's outsourcing of the development verification of Yahoo! JAPAN’s search service to NAVER Corporation (location: South Korea; “NAVER”), LY Corporation has granted NAVER continuous access to the following search-related data of its customers, which has been processed into a form that does not allow identification of individuals (the “Access”).
This Access is granted during the agreement between LY Corporation and NAVER. Prior to the Access, trial operations had been conducted regarding some of the customers’ search-related data acquired from May 18, 2023, to July 26, 2023, by the former Yahoo Japan Corporation. However, based on the content of guidance from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, we have reviewed and improved the explanations to customers and safety management measures and have restarted the trial operations from September 29, 2023.

Please note that for the purpose of providing certain functions in Yahoo! JAPAN’s ad distribution, LY Corporation has granted NAVER access to the search-related data listed below.


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Provision of Personal Data to Overseas Group Companies and Partners in Relation to R&D, etc.

Currently, LY Corporation is conducting development verifications of the search engine and search-linked ad system to be used in Yahoo! JAPAN services, and in relation to such development verifications, we will allow NAVER*1, to which we have entrusted services, to access the following search-related data*2, including past data acquired by LY Corporation prior to the start date:

〈Search-related data〉
・Information entered into search services
・Time spent to use the search services
・Device information
・IP addresses
・Location information (to municipality/village section level)
※Names, addresses, and Yahoo! JAPAN ID will not be included
※Please refer to the search setting from the following for location information (to municipality/village section level) settings and detailed contents:
PC version
Smartphone version
※In addition to user data, data related to Partner advertisers (e.g., data related to ad submission, such as ad content and ad placement conditions, as well as data for effectiveness measurement) is included for the purpose of providing certain functions for ad distributions.

Access is granted to data after such data has been processed so that individuals cannot be identified by NAVER.
The Access is granted during the term of agreement with LY Corporation, on the premise that Access will be limited to the scope of the Privacy Policy and to the extent required for the purpose of entrustment. Furthermore, such data will be saved in LY Corporation’s domestic data centers and network environments and sufficient safety management measures will be taken. For example, we will take measures to make it physically impossible to copy information, except when handling only statistical information or information with identifiers removed so that search behavior of each customer cannot be tracked. We implement these safety management measures in order to strictly manage the Access by NAVER. We have begun this Access from September 29, 2023.
Please note that the engine and system are in the development verification stage, and whether or not they will be adopted is undecided.

In addition, access to search-related data by Partners including the group companies such as LINE Plus Corporation (location: South Korea) may also be granted to services other than Yahoo! JAPAN's search service. The purposes of such grants to access are for the provision and improvement of services and development verifications of new services. When such access are made, access is limited to the minimum required for the purposes and to the extent of the Privacy Policy. Furthermore, there may be instances where the subject search-related data may contain location information that is more detailed than the municipality and village section (100m mesh, etc.), depending on the population density of the point indicated by the location information, and whether such point is in an urban area or a commercial area. In such cases, we will remove identifiers concerning the related location information. In any case, individuals will never be identified by the Partners who are granted access.

The handling by Partners of such search-related data in the research and development of these search services and other services will be properly managed and utilized upon fully considering the protection of customer privacy. Similarly, we will also fully consider the protection of customer privacy in light of the nature of the location information acquired in other services.
In addition, we will take sufficient safety management measures, as necessary, in light of the nature of such search-related data and location information.

*1 The principal shareholder of LY Corporation’s parent company, A Holdings Corporation.
*2 Access to personal data by Partners will be considered to be a provision of personal data to the Partners under the Act on Protection of Personal Information in Japan as long as the personal data accessed by the Partners corresponds to “personal data” under such Act.

Examination and analysis of utilization

LY Corporation uses customers' usage history of the Services to examine and analyze the number of users of Services, and the number of views and clicks of advertisements delivered by LY Corporation and the Partners.
LY Corporation also provides various information related to services provided by LY Corporation to research institutions.


Example of use 3: Security and preventing and responding to unauthorized use

Measures against spams and unauthorized use

LY Corporation uses customers' registered information and their use history of the Services when preventing, detecting, or investigating violations of the terms of service, criminal acts such as fraud and unauthorized access, and illegal or unjust use of the Services.


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The communication app LINE provides a reporting function, and customers may make a report to LY Corporation when they witness any unauthorized or other use by other customers. LY Corporation will acquire the contents of posts of chats and VOOM through the report, and will use them for the purpose of preventing and responding to unauthorized use.

Example of use 4: Optimizing the Services for customers

Display of advertisements

In order to display appropriate advertisements that meet the needs of individual customers, LY Corporation uses information on customer's area of domicile, gender, month and year of birth, etc. Also, LY Corporation analyzes customers' use history of the Services and information provided, and uses the information on customers' interest estimated by LY Corporation using its own standards. Please review the following for details.

About communication app LINE-related services


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The customers' use history of the Services includes information such as search key words, browsed webpages, apps used, items purchased, location information, etc. In addition, LY Corporation may use information collected from multiple environments (devices, apps, browsers, etc.).


In order to provide the most suitable Services for each customer, we use the information on customers' interests estimated based on LY Corporation's own standards.


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LY Corporation analyzes information such as the customer's area of domicile, gender, month and year of birth, and use history of the Services (search key words, browsed webpages, apps used, items purchased, etc.), and estimates the customer's interests to optimize content and the Services to meet the interest of the customer.

For example, in the LINE STORE, the order of the LINE STORE stickers may be changed based on prior purchase history in order to make finding stickers that match the customer’s preferences easier.

Provision of Services linked with location information

LY Corporation may obtain location information of the devices used by customers for the Services and use the information when providing the Services.

LY Corporation uses the location information of customers' devices when transmitting information and coupons that are highly relevant to the customers’ current location, through the LINE official account. LY Corporation also uses such information in cases where the information is essential for the provision of Services, as well as to enable customers to use the Services more comfortably.

For details, please refer to "Use of Location Information"