Here, find details on cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file that is stored in the customer’s device to facilitate the entering of information by the customer and for website operators to identify the browser used by the customer from among the other browsers and display contents and advertisements that match the customer.


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Generally, if the customer accesses a certain webpage, the operator of that website will send a cookie to the customer’s device, and the cookie will be stored in the customer’s device. If the customer accesses the same website again, the website operator can acquire and refer to the cookie saved on the customer’s device.

The website operator can record information that the customer enters on the webpage and other information on the cookie. By doing so, for example, the customer does not have to repeatedly enter the same information, and, by recording the ID registered by the customer on the cookie, the website operator can identify the customer by the ID when the customer is accessing the website and can provide contents and advertisements that match the customer.

The sending and receiving of cookies can be rejected by changing the settings of the browser. Please confirm how to change the settings for cookies such as in your browser’s “help” menu.

If you choose the settings to reject all cookies, LY Corporation’s products and services that require “logging in” with the account registered by the customer can no longer be used, and the customer may be restricted from utilizing the products and services provided by LY Corporation.

LY Corporation’s cookies on other companies’ sites

There may be instances where LY Corporation sends, stores, and refers to LY Corporation’s cookies on the customer’s device when the customer accesses a partner’s website.


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The following are typical examples:

  • If entrusted such as to research the usage status of a partner’s website
  • If transmitting ads that target users of a partner’s services, etc.
  • If providing information to a partner so that marketing activities regarding the partner’s services, etc., can be carried out effectively
  • If fulfilling the research request contents for market research companies

LY Corporation’s cookies and information, such as usage history of partner services by customers that can be obtained by using such cookies, will be used and managed according to LY Corporation's Privacy Policy.

LY Corporation has requested its partners to provide information to the partners’ users that LY Corporation’s cookies are sent and stored by customers who visit their websites and that LY Corporation refers to such cookies, but whether it is actually provided is decided by each partner.