IP Addresses

Here, find details on IP addresses.

What is an IP address?

If the browser or email software used by the customer requests a webpage or image data to the site server, an IP address is automatically provided to the server receiving such request (IP is short for “internet protocol”).


Acquiring and using IP addresses

LY Corporation acquires IP addresses sent from browsers used by the customer and uses them for resolving technical issues, personalizing contents and advertisement content, analyzing, and preventing unauthorized use.


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Since the IP address is automatically sent to LY Corporation by the browser whenever a customer views a webpage, LY Corporation has received IP addresses from all customers.
IP addresses are used for various purposes. The following are typical examples:

  • in cases where technical issues of services that are reported by customers or engineers are resolved by the association with IP addresses managed by specific companies or ISPs
  • in cases where the most optimal contents or advertisements are transmitted based on information obtained from the customer’s IP address (Most IP addresses are normally associated with specific regions, ISPs, universities or companies, and there may be instances where they will be used to infer the regions of the sources of access. There may be instances where statistical information obtained from IP addresses are reported to advertisers.)

Other information

If a customer accesses LY Corporation’s webpage, information of the computer that is used, including the customer’s IP address, is recorded onto LY Corporation’s server.