Here, find details on pixels.

What is a pixel?

Image data is contained in webpages for the purposes of totaling the number of customers accessing the webpage and realizing the access to certain cookies. This image data is called a single-pixel GIF or a pixel.


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In general, image data including banner ads displayed as a part of a webpage can be thought to function as pixels.
There may be instances where the advertising system providing ads on LY Corporation’s service is using pixels in such ads.

Pixels in LY Corporation’s services

There may be instances where LY Corporation will use pixels to total the number of accessing customers or to identify whether the accessing customer is the customer that accessed the cookie sent by LY Corporation.


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By accessing cookies sent by LY Corporation, when the customer accesses LY Corporation’s website again, LY Corporation’s website can be customized according to the customer’s settings.

LY Corporation’s pixels on other companies’ sites

There may be instances where LY Corporation will use pixels to investigate the usage status in a partner’s site or to carry out targeted advertising.


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The use of pixels by LY Corporation is done so that LY Corporation can transmit and provide personalized contents, ads and information on various services to customers, measure advertising effects, and improve advertising effects.
Information obtained by using pixels may be reported as statistical information to partners. Although the reports contain the totalization of customer attributes and usage statistics, they do not contain any information that could identify an individual customer.
LY Corporation has requested that the partners using pixels to disclose the use of pixels in such partner company’s privacy policy, but whether it is actually disclosed is decided by each partner.