Acquisition of Personal Data

Here, please find the details on the cases in which we acquire customers’ data.

Acquisition of personal data

LY Corporation acquires personal data in the following cases in accordance with our privacy policy.


Personal data that is acquired

Personal data that will be provided by the customers

LY Corporation acquires personal data when the customers enter the data in the smartphones and PCs, tap/click the "send" or "register" button, and the entered data is transmitted to LY Corporation, or when the customers send identity verification documents.


Personal data relating to the use of Services

LY Corporation acquires personal data transmitted when customers use or browse the Services.*1


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Typical examples that are not listed in the Privacy Policy are as follows:

Status of Service Use

  • Purchase history when products are purchased in LY Corporation’s shopping service

Location Information

  • Location information of the device that is acquired to transmit information and coupons that are highly relevant to the customer’s location such as through the LINE official account (the customers’ location information will not be provided to the LINE official account operator (excluding LY Corporation))

Only if the settings of the customer’s device are set so that location information can be sent to LY Corporation.

Information regarding apps, browsers, and devices

  • "IP addresses" sent in relation to accessing LY Corporation’s webpage
  • Information such as the type or language settings of devices including smartphones and PCs that are used when using LY Corporation’s services or the date and time an app is launched

*1 “Services” means all services including products, apps, services, and websites, provided by LY Corporation. Furthermore, the Services include services, products, advertisements, and contents for partners*2 and for customers other than the customer themselves.
*2 “Partner” means a group company (which means a subsidiary or affiliate of LY Corporation, and the definition includes subsidiaries and affiliates located outside of Japan, in accordance with the “Regulation on Terminology, Forms, and Preparation Methods of Financial Statements” of Japan) and information provider, advertiser, ad distributor, and other partner.

Personal data acquired from third parties

In some cases, LY Corporation acquires personal data when LY Corporation receives information acquired by third parties (such as Partners).


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The best example of this case is when LY Corporation provides services in collaboration with third parties in order to provide more convenient and attractive services to our customers. In these collaborations, there are times when coordination of information is needed with these third parties, and LY Corporation receives information from these third parties for this purpose. (Whether or not information is coordinated or the details of information to be coordinated differ by individual service coordination.)

When receiving personal information from third parties, LY Corporation conducts appropriate measures such as complying with laws and regulations.

Announcement on external transmissions of user information

When information regarding users is sent to external parties in connection with the use of and access to the Services

There may be instances where Partners may acquire information concerning users that is sent from a device such as a computer or smartphone when the Services are used or accessed. Please refer to the following for details.

Announcement on external transmission of user information


Data storage

Data storage

Please refer to "Storage of Data" for backup of data handled by LY Corporation (e.g. registered information, etc.) and storage period, etc.


Provision of backup

Certain apps provide functions that upload data for which access is permitted, such as chat histories, images, videos, and contacts, to online storage in order to back up the customers’ important data.


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Typical examples are as follows:

  • Communication app LINE
    • Subject data: chat history
    • Subject online storage: iCloud, Google Drive