Announcement on External Transmissions of User Information

Here, please find details on the cases in which the Partners acquire information on users that are transmitted from devices such as computers and smartphones when LY Corporation’s services are used or accessed.

Announcement on External Transmissions of User Information

External transmissions of information on users

At LY Corporation, various Partners’ services are used in providing our services, and there may be instances where information on users that become necessary for such use are transmitted externally to such Partners from the customers’ devices such as computers and smartphones.
We have made an announcement regarding such [external transmissions] based on the [External Transmission Regulations] of the Telecommunications Business Act.


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The information about the user sent to our partners is handled according to each partner's privacy policy for the following purposes:

  • To distribute and optimize ads
  • To measure the effectiveness of advertising and to improve products
  • To analyze and research how our service, etc., have been used
  • To improve our services, etc., and to consider new services, etc.
  • To safely provide our services, etc.
  • To respond to inquiries from customers
  • To provide services, etc., suitable for customers
  • To notify users, etc., about the services of our company and its partners
  • To notify users, etc., about the services of the destination and its partners
  • To do product delivery, billing, point awarding, etc.

List of external transmission recipients

The services of Partners to whom information on the users of our services are sent are as follows.
The privacy policies and opt-outs (suspension of use) of each Partner are external links. For those that mention [opting out], you can suspend use by the transmission recipients by clicking on the links and following the instructions.

For a list of external destinations in LINE GAME, please see "Handling of user information related to external transmission".

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